EthoNews is the Newsletter by the Ethologische Gesellschaft. It is published in English and will be sent by email to all members. The current volume (EthoNews 77) was sent by email to all members on 08. October 2017. EthoNews 78 will be published in spring 2018.

Members who have not received EthoNews 77 may download it here: EthoNews77

EthoNews provides news about the activities of the society and includes valuable information for everyone who is interested in Behavioural Biology.

Members are encouraged to contribute to EthoNews. For example, we publish abstracts of completed Bachelor, Masters and PhD theses and thus provide a forum where young scientists may inform members of the society about their research. Young scientists are encouraged to submit their abstracts. Members who advise such theses are asked to encourage their students to do so. Furthermore, book reviews, news about members, opinion papers or conference reports are welcome, too.

The deadline for contributions to the next EthoNews is 31.03.2018.

All information or requests should be send by mail to the secretary: info[at]