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Please find below a list of international meetings that are likely to be of interest to those studying Behavioural Biology.


International Remote Seminar on Frontiers in Social Evolution (FINE), 2024
TBD, every Tuesday 11:00 (New York)/17:00 (Paris) live on YouTube and Zoom with recordings

Everybody fascinated by the social evolution is welcome to join the seminar. If you are interested, please contact any of the hosts, Loren Hayes (, Carsten Schradin ( or Eduardo Fernandez-Duque ( You will then get reminders of upcoming seminars with the respective Zoom and YouTube links.

For more information please see here and find the recordings of previous talks here.

Free Workshop: Global Synergy for Animal Welfare: From Research to Impact, 2024
19 June -20 June 2024, online

Animal welfare research impact is measured by its ability to drive positive changes in the way animals are treated, ensuring their wellbeing. There has been a huge increase in animal welfare research over recent decades, but improvements to global welfare standards are much slower than expected. While researchers may generate valuable insights and recommendations, implementing change in real-world settings is complex. Additionally, there may be resistance from individuals, industries and governments to adopt new practices that incur additional costs or require big changes to existing systems.

Addressing animal welfare research and impact gaps requires improved communication, knowledge translation, and funding allocation to help bridge the gaps between researchers, advocacy groups, industry and policymakers and make a meaningful impact on animal lives. Thus, we are excited to inform you about our workshop, Global Synergy for Animal Welfare is a free online event taking place on the 19th-20th June which aims to help develop a greater understanding of how to improve communication and sharing of knowledge, in order to ensure greater impact, better lives for animals, and for the people who depend on them.

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10th Meeting of the European Federation for Primatology
05 June – 07 June 2024, Lausanne, Switzerland

The topic of the conference is “Primates & Beyond”.

More information can be found here.

European Conference on Behavioural Biology – ECBB, 2024
16 July – 19 July 2024, Zurich, Switzerland

Join us for ECBB 2024, a joint meeting with the 2024 Summer Meeting of the Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour (ASAB). The theme of this conference is ‘Long-term studies in animal  behaviour’.

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15th International Congress of Neuroethology, 2024
28 July – 02 August 2024, Berlin, Germany

The 15th International Congress of Neuroethology will be held at the Free University in Berlin from 28 July to 2 August, 2024. This is the second time, after 1989, that the conference is held in Berlin. It brings together scientists from around the world interested in all aspects of neuroethology. A number of satellite meetings dedicated to specific topics and animal groups take place on 27 and 28 July. The early-bird registration and abstract submission deadline is 4 April, 2024.

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Annual Meeting of the Italian Ethological Society, 2024
04 September – 06 September 2024, Turin, Italy

For the annual meeting of the Italian Ethological Society in 2024 the organisers warmly welcome you at the University of Turin. The meeting will take place from Wednesday 4 to Friday 6 of September, at the Department of Life Sciences and Systems Biology (via Accademia Albertina 13). The organizing team welcomes all of those working in the field of Behavioural Biology, including members and non-members of the Italian Ethological Society to present their exciting work and discuss with colleagues in person.

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116th Annual Meeting of the German Zoological Society, 2024
09 September – 13 September 2024, Stuttgart, Germany

The German Zoological Society cordially invites you to attend their 116th Annual Meeting in Stuttgart at the University of Hohenheim. It will focus on current research topics related to interdisciplinary biodiversity, ecological evolutionary developmental biology (eco-evo-devo-holo) and the intestinal microbiology of animals in the context of function and evolution. Zoologists, researchers, young academics and DZG members from related disciplines with national and international backgrounds are expected to attend. This is a great opportunity to connect with each other and share your expertise by presenting a talk or a poster.

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International Society for Behavioral Ecology Congress, 2024
29 September – 04 October 2024, Melbourne, Australia

The International Society for Behavioral Ecology (ISBE) is pleased to be holding the 19th ISBE Congress in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia from Sunday 29 September to Friday 4 October 2024. Whilst the first time in Melbourne, this will be the third time in the Society’s 38-year history the Congress has been conducted in Australia, so this is an opportunity not to be missed!

You’ll have the chance to hear from world leaders in the field of behavioural ecology as well as contribute to the dialogue of this global forum by sharing your research with an oral or poster presentation.

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Joint Graduate Meeting: Animal Behaviour 2024
16 October – 18 October 2024, Dummerstorf, Germany

Bachelor and Master students, PhDs and early Post-docs are invited to present and discuss their results with peers at the Joint Graduate Meeting: Animal Behaviour 2024 of the Ethological Society and the Behavioural Biology Section of the German Zoological Society. The event is designed to provide a platform for undergraduate and postgraduate students to present their research, interact with peers, and engage in stimulating discussions about the latest trends and developments in the field of Behavioural Sciences. Dr. Pizza Chow (University of Chester) and Prof. Katja Liebal (University of Leipzig) will give plenary talks.

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BIOMORA24, 2024
28 November – 29 November 2024, Bonn, Germany

From November 28-29, BIOMORA24 will take place in Bonn – an international meeting of the mole-rat community. The meeting is organized by the Max Planck Institute for Neurobiology of Behavior, the Max Planck Institute for Brain Research and CECAD/University of Cologne. This conference aims to bring together established experts studying mole-rats across a wide scope of research themes and researchers that have recently realized the potential of these non-model organisms to their line of research. 

The aim is to create opportunities for new international cooperation to emerge. Finally, since establishing successful breeding colonies in a laboratory setting can be very challenging but is crucial to much of this research, the organisers combined an exciting scientific program looking into diverse research themes utilizing state-of-the art technology in metabolism, sensory biology, physiology, and omics together with a workshop on how to establish, maintain and conduct laboratory animal science within these species.

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ASAB Winter Meeting, 2024
12 December – 13 December 2024, Edinburgh, Scotland

The ASAB Winter Conference 2024 will take place in Edinburgh on December 12-13, 2024.

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Annual Meeting of the Ethological Society, 2025
19 February – 21 February 2025, Tutzing, Germany

The Annual Meeting of the Ethologische Gesellschaft in 2025 will take place in Evangelischen Akademie in Tutzing, 19-21 February 2025, hosted by Wolfgang Goymann and Henrik Brumm. Confirmed plenary speakers will be Bettina Wachter, Hanna Kokko and Jens Krause.

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