Meetings page – two Norway rats looking at each other

Please find below a list of international meetings that are likely to be of interest to those studying Behavioural Biology.


Annual Meeting of the German Zoological Society, 2023
04 September – 8 September 2023, Kassel, Germany

The German Zoological Society cordially invites you to attend their 115th Annual Meeting in Kassel at the Campus Center of the University of Kassel. Please note that satellite symposia and SpiderFest will be held on Monday, 4th of September.

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International Remote Seminar on Frontiers in Social Evolution (FINE), 2023
TBD, every Tuesday 11:00 (New York)/17:00 (Paris) live on YouTube and Zoom with recordings

Everybody fascinated by the social evolution is welcome to join the seminar. If you are interested, please contact any of the hosts, Loren Hayes (, Carsten Schradin ( or Eduardo Fernandez-Duque ( You will then get reminders of upcoming seminars with the respective Zoom and YouTube links.

For more information please see here and find the recordings of previous talks here.

Joint Graduate Meeting of the Ethological Society and the Department of Behavioral Biology of the DZG, 2023
08 November – 10 November 2023, Bielefeld, Germany

This year’s graduate meeting will take place from 08.11. – 10.11.2023 in Bielefeld. The organizers cordially invite advanced master’s students, doctoral students and early postdocs to present their research findings in the form of a talk or poster in an informal and friendly atmosphere and to discuss them with their peers. As guests, Dr Angela Stöger (University of Vienna) & Dr Antonino Calapai (German Primate Center Göttingen) accompany this meeting. There are no registration fees. Further details can soon be found here.

ASAB Winter Meeting, 2023
13 December – 14 December 2023, Edinburgh, UK

This year’s Winter Meeting of the Society for the Study of Animal Behaviour (ASAB) will be held in Edinburgh on 13th and 14th December 2023, with the theme: Animal Cognition: Pure to Applied. What an animal knows impacts all aspects of its behaviour. This conference will focus on both the fundamental mechanisms underlying cognition and its application to real-world problems such as conservation, ecosystem services, and welfare.

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Annual Meeting of the Ethological Society, 2024
21 February – 23 February 2024, Münster, Germany

The next Annual Meeting of the Ethologische Gesellschaft will take place in Münster, 21-23 February 2024, hosted by Helene Richter, Melanie Dammhahn, Rebecca Rimbach and Sylvia Kaiser. Keynote speakers are Denis Réale, Daniela Rößler, Barbara Klump and Mitja Back.

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International Society for Behavioral Ecology Congress, 2024
29 September – 04 October 2024, Melbourne, Australia

Please note, ISBE2020 has been postponed due to the Covid-19 crisis several times, but will be held (finally) in Melbourne in 2024.

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Annual Meeting of the Ethological Society, 2025
19 February – 21 February 2025, Tutzing, Germany

The Annual Meeting of the Ethologische Gesellschaft in 2025 will take place in Evangelischen Akademie in Tutzing, 19-21 February 2025, hosted by Wolfgang Goymann and Henrik Brumm.

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