Honorary members

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The Ethologische Gesellschaft awards honorary membership to members of our society, who contributed exceptionally to the society and/or the advancement of the field of Ethology at an international level. Honorary memberships are a lifetime appointment and are the highest honour that the Ethologische Gesellschaft e. V. presents to an individual. Candidates may be proposed by society members with a short supporting letter. Nominations are welcome at any time and will be considered by the council together with the extended council. Please find below a list of all our honorary members:

Gerald Baerends
Christiane Buchholz
Eberhard Curio
Serge Daan
Dierk Franck
Dietrich von Holst
Barbara König
Konrad Lorenz *
Norbert Sachser
Piet Sevenster
Michael Taborsky
Günter Tembrock
Nikolaas Tinbergen
Fritz Trillmich

* Konrad Lorenz (1903-1989) was an extraordinary personality and an influential scientist. His work on understanding behavior and cognition is impressive and contributed to the establishment of Ethology as an independent discipline within Biology. His groundbreaking research was recognized with the Nobel Prize and various other awards. As a person, Lorenz tended to polarize, even during his lifetime, for example in the scientific debate of ‘nature’ vs. ‘nurture’ or individual vs. group selection, as well as his active role in environmental protection referendums. After his death, his role during National Socialism in particular caused controversy and criticism. We therefore encourage members of the Ethological Society and all interested persons to engage with the work and the person Konrad Lorenz and to form their own opinion. Due to his outstanding importance as one of the founding personalities of Ethology (Behavioural Biology), we consider Konrad Lorenz’s honorary membership in the Ethological Society to be justified, even if he may polarize people as a person.