Join the society

Join us page – picture of a young Guinea baboon

Anybody who is interested in Behavioural Biology or who would like to otherwise support the aims of our society is very welcome to become a member! Annual membership fees are currently €25 for full members and €10 for student members. Please fill in and sign the application form and send it to our manager via e-mail or post:

Prof. Helene Richter
University of Münster
Department of Behavioural Biology
Badestraße 13
48149 Münster, Germany
Tel.: +49 (0)251 83 21014
Email: richterh[at]

To avoid transferring the fees manually, you can also authorise the Ethologische Gesellschaft to send instructions to your bank to debit your account with the fees annually, i.e. SEPA Direct Debit mandate. Please fill in and sign the payment form and send it to our treasurer via e-mail or post:

Prof. Barbara Caspers
University of Bielefeld
Department of Behavioural Biology
Morgenbreede 45
33615 Bielefeld, Germany
Tel.: +49 521 106 2825
Email: barbara.caspers[at]

If you would like to support the Ethologische Gesellschaft further, you are welcome to put up a poster at your institute. We created an informative poster that summarises what the society stands for. You can download the poster as a PDF here. Many thanks for your support!