An overview of all awards and funding opportunities of the Ethologische Gesellschaft, including deadlines, can be downloaded here.


Every second year we award the Niko Tinbergen Award for outstanding scientific contributions in Behavioural Biology and related topics. The award takes the form of a research grant of 1500 € and the recipient is asked to give a keynote talk about their work at ECBB and present an overview in the EthoNews.

Every year at the ‘Annual Meeting of the  Ethologische Gesellschaft’ the Gwinner Award is given to acknowledge and reward outstanding scientific presentations of excellent young researchers.

Research and Travel Grants

The society is awarding research grants to support original research projects; stipends for Master students or students in the pilot phase of PhD projects; support for workshops and Conference attendance grants.

Research institutions

We offer a list with Institutions teaching Behavioural Biology at the academic level.


The Ethologische Gesellschaft is a non-profit organziation. Donations are 100 % used to support excellent young researchers. Donation receipts (for tax refunds) will be provided on request; please contact the treasurer.

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